Thank you to staff, volunteers, supporters, and most of all, the patients who participated in our Miracle-Ear Mission 2022!


Nearly 30 million adults could benefit from using hearing aids, but only 30 percent utilize them. Stigmas and ageism play a significant contributing factor in this gap, but access to proper medical care and treatment can also be a significant obstacle. We were honored and humbled by the opportunity to help give Kansas City residents the gift of sound. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Miracle-Ear Midwest, in partnership with the Miracle-Ear Foundation, were able to bring exceptional hearing healthcare to Kauffman Stadium. When you choose Miracle-Ear, you’re helping yourself and others rediscover all the emotions of sound. It makes everything better - better Sunday barbeques, better bedtime stories with grandkids, and better connections with loved ones.

Hearing again can be life-changing!

The Gift of Sound is more than just a pair of free hearing aids—it's an opportunity to reconnect with the world. Being fitted with hearing aids means more than simply receiving medical care. It means spending time with those they love once again, it means enjoying the world around them and communicating with ease.

The 2022 Miracle-Ear Mission charitable event surpasses expectations!

It is our Miracle-Ear Mission to dispense free hearing aids to those who lack the finances or resources to gain hearing help within the Kansas City metro area during our one-day special event on October 1, 2022.

Our commitment is to help individuals and families live fuller and richer lives through the gift of sound. The goal of this charity event in Kansas City is to spread awareness about the Miracle-Ear Foundation program and the resources available within the Kansas City metro area through local Miracle-Ear locations.   

The poverty rate in the Kansas City metro area, including Missouri and Kansas, has most recently been calculated as 10.5% with a population of 2.16 million. That means 226,800 individuals within its boundaries live in poverty. Overall, that means more than a quarter of a million people are living without the financial means to access hearing healthcare in the Kansas City metro area. In addition, the Kansas City metro area, including Missouri and Kansas, has a child poverty rate estimated at 15%. As research has shown, hearing loss can directly impact ones earning potential and cognitive development, and for children, the disadvantages to development and learning associated with hearing loss can be devastating. 

Since one in Eight people in the US aged 12 or older have hearing loss in both ears, our goal is to help as many people as possible within the Kansas City metro gain access to hearing aids in hopes of driving change. Providing hearing aids to those in need will empower them to gain better employment and improve their overall health and well-being.