Thank you to everyone who participated in our Miracle-Ear Mission 2021. Here is a short recap of the day's exciting events.


The 2021 Miracle-Ear Mission charitable event surpasses expectations!

The Miracle-Ear Mission event was held at Busch Stadium on September 25, 2021. The aim of the initiative was to give away as many hearing aids and services to those in need as possible. This year’s event helped 94 individuals receive the hearing healthcare they could not have accessed otherwise.

With help from 77 volunteers and Miracle-Ear Midwest professional staff members, applicants were greeted, ear health was examined, hearing tests were administered, hearing aids were fitted, and aftercare appointments were set up. Participants were then released and immediately walked out of Busch Stadium with a prescriptive pair of hearing aids.

“This is something that has never really been done before to this scale. And we are super excited to bring it to St. Louis, because we’re City of St. Louis natives and we love our city! It’s amazing to be able to help this many people with the “Gift of Sound!” said Tiffany Davis, President of Miracle-Ear Midwest, speaking to KMOV the day of the event.

The event participants, who suffer with hearing loss, lacked the resources to gain hearing health and hearing aids on their own. Providing hearing aids to those in need will empower them to gain better employment and improve their overall health and well-being.

Individuals with hearing loss have more than two times higher odds of low income, unemployment and underemployment compared to normal hearing individuals. When hearing loss goes undetected, it can lead to social isolation, strained relationships, cognitive issues and depression, according to the National Institute of Health.

The Mission did not end on September 25, 2021. Individuals suffering from hearing loss, and do not have the resources to access hearing health care, can seek help through the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Since its founding in 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation, working with Miracle-Ear stores across the country, has donated more than 30,000 hearing aids to over 16,000 children and adults who could not otherwise afford them.

For more information about the Miracle-Ear Foundation and how to apply for help, visit or call 314-931-4531 to schedule a consultation with a Miracle-Ear Hearing Professional.

“I was excited to see the Mission event help all the people and to have it exceed our expectations! I hope the event expresses to the St. Louis Community our commitment to helping everyone hear better and improve their lives regardless of their financial circumstances,” said Nathan Bush, operations director for Miracle-Ear Midwest. “The event shows how big the staff of Miracle-Ear Midwest’s hearts are and demonstrates the commitment to keeping the Foundation alive for years to come. The Mission continues!”

Miracle-Ear Foundation: Learn More

With a commitment to helping individuals live and hear more fully, the Miracle-Ear Foundation was established in 1990, to offer the Gift of Sound to individuals and families in need.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound hearing aid program helps children and adults with hearing loss gain access to hearing aids. The program is designed for people who demonstrate a personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health This place is not out to get money, they really want to help.


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Miracle Ear Mission: Dan Davis on KTRS:

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Miracle Ear Mission: Dan Davis on KTRS:

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Talk of the Town welcomes Dan Davis, Director of Training and Development with Miracle Ear Midwest of St. Louis to the show.